About The Human Sound Project

Muslim Sufis chanting the name of God, Christians singing hymns, Buddhists chanting scriptures, Jews singing around a Sabbath table: for millennia human beings have used song to unite their communities. Unfortunately nowadays however, these “participatory” style musical events are either restricted to closed religions and cultural groups, or simply ignored by mainstream music culture which relies on “professional” musicians to entertain. In an increasingly divided world creating music together could be one of human kinds most powerful ways to connect but it remains questionable as to how this is achieved with groups comprised of people from different backgrounds or diverse musical abilities.

The Human Sound Project answers this global call for connectivity by empowering groups of all sizes, cultures and musical skill levels to come together and co-create songs about their stories. Read more here…

Songs and stories from around our world…

Since launching in 2013, The Human Sound Project has empowered diverse groups in organisations, schoolscommunities and events on six continents around the world to come together and collaboratively create new songs about their stories.

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Saw It Through Her Eyes – Creativity For Peace organisation, Jerusalem

On August 28, 2015 a group of young Israelis and Palestinians women from Creativity For Peace organization came together to co-create a song about their experience of being young leaders in the region. You wont believe what happened by the end of the day…
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Flor E Ser – Gaia Education Course, Terra Una Ecovillage, Minas Gerais, Brazil

It was an honour and somewhat a synchronicity, to be invited to offer a song making experience during Gaia Education course during one of their free evening workshop slots – My interest for being at Terra Una ecovillage was to learn more about living sustainably with the earth and here was an education programme teaching just that…
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Music Is My Soul Provider – Yabonga – Khayelitcha Township, Cape Town, South Africa

Khayelitcha Township – Cape Town, South Africa – Yabonga organisation helps young people effected by HIV, through tutoring, training, empowerment and more. This song was created by 80 learners from Yabonga exploring the role that music can play for positive social change.
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Let it be (enjoy the greatness) – NYC, USA

80 stories, bodies and voices gathered at the The Church of St Luke and St Mathew in Brooklyn NYC in January 2014 to create the song “Let it be (Enjoy the greatness)”. The song was inspired by people’s stories about times in their life where they had to just let things be.
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A Cape Town song making experience in City Hall for Open Design Festival

A final human sound jam before the project left South Africa for Cape Town Open Design Festival. This was an incredible opportunity, to run an open collaborative song making experience in Cape Town’s City Hall Auditorium of all places!
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Like Standing Before an Audience – Granville Boys and Cronulla High – Sydney Australia

Almost ten years to the day this workshop was held, there was an explosion of racial tension at Cronulla beach between white Australians Australians of Lebanese descent. Now, watch what happens when these two communities meetup to create a song together.
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When I Heard The Song, I Fell In Love – Pashut Sharim – Jerusalem

“Pashut Sharim – Simply Singing” is an organisation dedicated to providing a platform for Jews and Arabs to come together and sing. They are part of a growing number NGOs who are looking for alternative creative ways to deal with a seemingly unsolvable political conflict.
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Make A Better Life – Promise School – East Jerusalem

This was a song created by a group of Palestinian young people from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina – we wanted to hear their side of the story and give a voice to their song.
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Free Your Mind – Beresheet La Shalom – Upper Galilee, Northern Israel

This group of young people, including Druze, Jews, Arabs and Ethiopians, represent the incredible diversity of the region of the Upper Galilee, Northern Israel; Watching these young people of different cultures, work together was inspiring…
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Poder Da Transformação – JCPM Institute – Salvador, Brazil

We were brought to Salvador, Brazil by the JCPM institute, to create music with the young people they engage with from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
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Just Want To Live In Peace – Har’el School – Jerusalem, Israel

One thing that stood out to me was the group expressing an intense feeling of being isolated in the world and not feeling accepted by the international community when they “just want to live in peace” (the chorus of the song)…
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Family, Culture, Unconditional Love – Brisbane Water High – Sydney Australia

Thirty mostly Indigenous Australian young people from Brisbane Water High (Woy Woy, Sydney, Australia) came together with elders Uncle Lex and Uncle Stu to explore how traditional Indigenous values could be used as tools for day to day life.
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