Rabbi Zalman Kastel – Facilitation – Australia

Rabbi Zalman Kastel – Facilitation – Australia

Rabbi Zalman Kastel is National Director of the Multi-Faith based Together for Humanity Foundation. He was raised in the “ultra orthodox” Chasidic tradition in the racially divided Crown Heights area of Brooklyn New York. He saw the world through the lens of his absolute tradition and the narrative of his community. This changed in 2001, when encounters with Christians and Muslims transformed him.

He has had a lot of laughter surprises and dilemmas on his journey, fostering interfaith cooperation and bringing positive experiences of diversity to 75,000 young Australians. He is still a Hasidic Rabbi teaching the Torah to adults at Chabad House North Shore in Sydney.

He was ordained as a Rabbi after study in the UK, Australia and the US and completed a Graduate Diploma in Education with the University of New England at Armidale. He is married to a Sydney accountant and is the father of 5 boys and 1 daughter.

The Human Sound Project was brought on by Together For Humanity to work on a number of interfaith and intercultural projects in Sydney and Simon worked as a co-facilitator with Rabbi Zalman Kastel from Together For Humanity in these workshops.

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