Build a sound team

creating your original song

An uplifting interactive music experience that transforms your group into a harmonious team!

Groups are empowered to create an original song that captures the story of their mission, organisation or event.

  • Absolutely no musical experience is required! Our expert team of facilitators, musicians, and digital wizards make the process fun, energetic and engaging!

  • Grow skills in creativity, collaboration and communication leading to higher productivity and innovation back in the workplace

  • Receive a professionally mixed song and music video for blasting in car stereos or back in the office long after the event!

We support:

  • Team Building
  • Learning and Development
  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Leadership training
  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • End of year celebrations

Organisations in Harmony

Case study: Canteen

"I think through building a song today, Canteen has proven that they actually have the capability the strength in their vulnerability and the desire to bring their diversity together to really create a meaningful leadership narrative for this organisation" – Olivia Margot, Consultant with the Global Leadership practice

Case study: Bendelta Consultancy

“The highlight was listening to the team aferwards about how connecting the experience was. It was a corporate environment and so I wasn’t sure about how it was going to go, but The Human Sound Workshop surpassed all of our expectations"  - Natalie Ferris, Director - Bendelta Corporate Training Consultancy

Case study 3: Asthma Australia

"Today the project initially sounded extremely confronting but with process, guidance and experience, we actually were able to create something amazing and enjoyable... the fear stopped and I think we can take that into the workplace." – Toni Acrawford, executive from Asthma Australia


Benefits of using Human Sound in your group


Engage your team with the key themes, values and ideas that underpin their organisation or event by exploring these in the song making process

benefits-human-sound_13Skill building

Build key skills in: risk taking and innovation, creativity, authentic leadership, art of listening, working to purpose, working with difference, working systemically, emotional intelligence, group consensus, problem solving, time management.


Writing a song together is a powerful way to enhance collaboration, communication and connection


benefits-human-sound_14External Communication

Share the finished song and music video with your wider community (through social media or otherwise) to build connection, understanding and trust


The powerful connections and collaborations that are unlocked in this song making process mean greater productivity back in the workplace

benefits-human-sound_12 Wellbeing

Making music together has proven health benefits: reduces stress, brings en-joy-ment, builds mindfulness and creativity! Click here for the science

How it works...

An uplifting and energising facilitated process whereby a group of participants with their own unique stories and sounds become a team by weaving these expressions into something larger then the sum of their parts - a new song.


Your stories

Share your individual stories around the chosen topic eg: their organisation, brand, leadership development process or event theme.


Your words

Distill the stories into memorable lyrics that capture the team narrative


Your sounds

Give voice to the lyrics through a guided songmaking process


Your song

Enjoy and reflect on the team's song delivered as digital track & music video

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