build a sound community

co-creating original songs

Work with The Human Sound Project to empower your community to come together and collaboratively create new songs about their: stories /  cities / end of year celebrations / national and special days / programs / celebrations ...

“ … sharing stories and co-creating song, movement and dance will enhance the wellbeing of your students through literacy, the performing arts and digital media …” John Hibbard Snr (Music Aviva)

For every person regardless of experience or confidence. The music is created from body percussion and voices, accessible to all, with instruments optional.

It is ideal for any mix of cultures and first and other languages and adaptable to any group or mix of groups. The program can be adapted groups of all sizes and a range of spaces.

The program can be designed to suit your communities needs. A successful collaboration can be achieved in two or three hours, or can be extended over a number of days or weeks if desired.

We can also facilitate a community-created documentary and music video, using a mix of available technologies and BYODs of the finished result!


Co-create songs for:

  • End of year celebrations
  • National and special days
  • Your street, suburb, city or country
  • Religious holidays
  • Special programs
  • Anti-Bullying programs
  • Celebrations

How it works...

An uplifting and energising facilitated process whereby groups with their own unique stories and sounds become unified by weaving these expressions into something larger then the sum of their parts - new songs.


Your stories

Share your individual stories around the chosen topic


Your words

Distill your stories into memorable lyrics that capture the group narrative


Your sounds

Give voice to your lyrics through a guided songmaking process


Your song

Enjoy and reflect on your song delivered as digital track & music video

Benefits of using Human Sound in your group

Group cohesion

Writing a song together is a powerful way to enhance collaboration, communication and connection within your group. Foster recognition and reconciliation in a spirit of celebration.


Passionately engage your group by co-writing music about desired themes, values or ideas eg: multiculturalism, religious holiday, celebration, special day, city, suburb etc

External Communication

Share the finished performance or digitally recorded song and music video with your wider community (onstage, through social media or otherwise) to build connection, understanding, trust...

Skill building

Build key skills in language, writing, innovation, creativity, leadership, emotional intelligence, group consensus, problem solving, time management, collaboration


Making music together has proven health benefits: reduces stress, brings en-joy-ment, builds mindfulness and creativity! Click here for the science

Human Sound Community Case Studies

'Like Standing Before An Audience' - Sydney, Australia - Two cultural groups come together from Cronulla High and Granville High School to make music

'Flor E Ser' - Minas Gerais, Brazil - Participants from the Gaia Education Course in Terra Una Ecovillage create a song about living sustainably with the earth

'Saw It Through Her Eyes' –Creativity For Peace organisation, Jerusalem - a group of young Israeli and Palestinian women came together to co-create a song about their experience of being young leaders in the region

'Let it be (enjoy the greatness)' – NYC, USA - 80 stories, bodies and voices gathered at the The Church of St Luke and St Mathew in Brooklyn NYC in January 2014 to create inspired by people’s stories about times in their life where they had to just let things be.

'Cape Town Song' - Cape Town, South Africa - Bringing people of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds from around Cape Town together to co-create a song about the theme of collaboration.

I’m Possible – Westchester, NY, USA - 40 people (6 – 70 years old) from a Jewish Renewal Community in Westchester, New York came together to say “I’m Possible”! The objective of the Human Sound session was to bring the younger and older generations together through the exploration of Hanukkah and the creation of music.

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