The Human Sound Project is part self funded, part funded by the organisations we work with and from June 2014 until June 2015 the project was funded to travel around the world through a crowdfunding campaign.

The Human Sound Project would like to thank the following humans who generously supported the 2014-2015 crowdfunding campaign:

Amy Scott, Michelle cotterill, Joshua La Macchia, Barbara Solarsh, Andy Glass, Michael Gilinsky, Fanny Haim, Mark Jankelson, Thanassis Boulis, Susan Buffington, Lorien Miller, Michelle Haim, Lisa Gansky, Fred Caruso, Nigel Jankelson, Lina Daher, Nola moss, Mathew Todres, DA Carter, Emma Walsh, Paul Pholeros, Matthew Beals, Jaron Gilinsky, Lesley-Ann, Michael Pooley, Elana Leigh, Nadine Trad, Servaas van Beekum, Lyndall Katz, Darby Kannon, Claire Jankelson, Dana Stuart-Bullock and 16 others who wish to remain anonymous.