Join a Music Community with a Conscience. Munify is a forthcoming music streaming site filled with artists who are currently signing up around the world. As opposed to other streaming sites like Spotify, Munify actively supports the musicians whose music they stream, ensuring they can actually earn a living wage from their craft. More info here or visit

The Human Sound Project has partnered with Munify so that we too can pay the artists and groups we work with to create songs. And to celebrate this partnership, Munify has chosen us to be their foundation charity music organisation. What this means is that for every person that signs up we get paid US$4 in support of the work we are doing. Check out Munify – a music service that ensures real musicians earn real money for making the music we love.


We would like to publicly acknowledge and thank all of the fine humans have made The Human Sound Project possible through supporting our 2014 crowdfunding campaign.




Reach a global audience with The Human Sound Project. If you are interested in discussing partnership deals please get in touch.



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